About Us

Anse Technology is a french company specialized in digital television. Founded in 2012 in Toulon (Capital of the Var, south of France) by Jean-Christophe Julien and Olivier Beltra. 

Both founders of the company have over 20 year of experience in the field of electronic and digital television. We are proud to have been part of the French « savoir faire » in the field of digital chips. Our products are engineered and made in France under strict regulations. 

To date our product is the 1st of its kind to promote « social TV », a two way means of communication via your television set from the comfort of your home.

Our Products


UpTV is the first turnkey solution able to make a simple television a real shared media platform. It relies on a patented product connected to a mobile app. Simply download the free application and enjoy your newly enriched TV viewing experience! With UpTV you can chat in real time with your friends, comment on a TV program or sporting event or even send photos, all appearing on one screen…your television!

Easy and practical to use, UpTV is the ideal way to send and receive news from your friends and family comfortably from your couch!


UpTV is also available via different platforms, such as a software version UpTV Hospitality, on Android TV offering an interactive means of digital communication from the back-office of the business to their guests and residents.  Introduction a new dimension to your customer relation.

Our latest innovation in the UpTV family is UpTV Concierge, offering range of personalised concierge directory to the guest or residence. This product is aimed for the small hotel and short-term holiday rental business which is claiming a fair share of the hospitality market.





From the 8th till the 11th January 2019, Anse T

echnology will be exposing at the Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Stop by our stand for a chat or a demo, Hall G, booth 50215.