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How it all started

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The journey all started off in 2012 when the two founders of the start-up, Jean-Christophe Julien and Olivier Beltra, came up with a solution for their quiet sports nights at home. Both fan of Rugby and Tennis, they would send each other messages whilst watching the match from their respective places.

It occurred then that  it would be practical for their comments and messages  to appear directly on the television screen. Where social media and TV meet, thats when UpTV was born! A gadget that converts your television into a smart object also referred to as IoT.

Since September 2012, Anse Technology has registered several patents and are known to be amongst the first to link  the television experience to data servers, smartphones and digital tablet.

UpTV card- What is it?


UpTV is a PCMCIA card that transforms your ordinary television into a smart device enabling you to share your TV experience with other viewer and discovering the latest phenomenon of Social TV. 

With the UpTV card and the UpTV app ( available for iPhone & Android)you will be able to view your photos and messages directly on your television as well as chat and organise live chat sessions around television programs with your friends. Other features of the App are; A virtual remote control that allows you to change channels and adjust the volume with your smartphone and a detailed television program guide.

How does UpTV work?


Simple and easy, no additional cable is needed to connect your smart phone to your TV.

Universal, the PCMCIA card is compatible with all televisions available on the market since 2008

Energy efficient, the card is self-powered which means that it consumes less energy than a decoder and also does not require any subscription.

UpTV Hospitality


As an innovation to the physical card, UpTV Android was released in 2017. A special version of the product tailored for the tertiary industry called UpTV Hospitality was released this summer. UpTV Hospitality, is an interactive television portal revolutionizing communication of guest and the front office.

View the UpTV hospitality video click here

Partnership with TCL


Anse Technology has signed a partnership with TCL, the worlds 3rd television manufacturer. With this partnership UpTV will be inbuilt in the TCL android TV opening up to the North-Amercan and European market.

Awards & other Networks


The start-up is currently operating from the business incubator of TVT (Toulon Var Technologies) under the networks of the French Tech label and Incubator PACA-EST.

In 2015 Anse Technology was awarded the INPI Talent trophy by the National Institution of Intellectual Property (Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle) for the product UpTV.

Anse Technology has recently participated in numerous trade shows and fairs, to mention a few: The Viva Technology in Paris, IFA Berlin, IBC Amsterdam and the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.